Emo subculture – music, appearance, features

Now the emo subculture is heard by every teenager and young people. This movement is widespread in different countries.

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The emo youth subculture has emerged relatively recently. Sometimes on the street or on public transport you can meet interesting young people dressed in all black, talking about completely mysterious things. The movement also has peculiar symbols and distinctive features that distinguish this movement from other subcultures.

The appearance of emo kid

The clothes of representatives of the emo subculture are characterized by dark and pink shades. Numerous piercings, large grinders, the eternal theme of death and suicide. In this, the emo subculture is somewhat reminiscent of the ready. But there are also differences here. Emo are distinguished by increased sensitivity, emotionality. Some emo kids also prefer pink with black.

Representatives of this subculture dress in a rather peculiar way for ordinary citizens. These are teenagers and young people with black hair falling over their foreheads. Girls often prefer to wear funny, children’s hairstyles, bright hairpins, several ponytails.

Emo subculture - music, appearance, features
Emo subculture – music, appearance, features

Both girls and boys paint their lips in a light color, use various powders and foundations to give the skin a deathly pale look. They prefer to paint their eyes with dark shadows, eyeliner. Skinny jeans with various patches, a T-shirt with the image of your favorite group, bright makeup, and bangs to one side – all these are attributes of this subculture.

T-shirts with children’s drawings in combination with black clothes look pretty funny. On their feet they wear sneakers, on their hands there are various bracelets made of beads of different shades. There is usually pink or black varnish on the nails, headphones with emo music on in the ears. Adolescents of this course often have suicidal tendencies.

Features of the emo subculture

Bisexuality is a fairly common phenomenon among emo. Teenagers often form couples with same-sex partners. Which often shocks society. But they live by their own special rules.

Emo subculture - music, appearance, features 2
Emo subculture – music, appearance, features 2

Emo kids often adhere to the principles of a flow called the straight edge. It is a movement that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Many of the representatives of this subculture are quite anxious and vulnerable people who usually live in their own fictional world. They suffer from depression, fenced off from the outside world and its aggression, hide their faces under long bangs. Occasionally, you may come across a large crowd of emo kid. This usually happens before the performance of some famous musical group.

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