How to become emo?

The emo subculture emerged in the late 80s of the last century among teenagers and young people in America – fans of the musical style of the same name. Their main difference from other youth subcultures (especially from the Goths, with which they are constantly compared) is their great emotionality. Even the name of the style comes from the English word “emotional” – emotional.

Emo principles

They call themselves emo emo kid (from the English “kid” – a young man, a child), respectively, a girl is an emo girl, and a guy is an emo boy. High sensuality, frankness and hypertrophied emotions, a vivid manifestation of joy and sadness – these are the main distinguishing qualities of the emo style. Emo, although they think about death and the transience of life, but, unlike the Goths, strive for sublime sweet love and happiness.

The typical representative of the emo style is not particularly intellectual, not busy with self-education and is unlikely to quote Baudelaire by heart, because he does not know who he is. But if the emo is happy, then it jumps with happiness and hugs everyone around, and if it is sad, it may also think about suicide. A common emo state is a state of bitterness, depression, and resentment at the world.

How to become emo?
How to become emo?

Emo, like typical teenagers, have an unstable emotionality and subtle psyche, but the desire to emphasize their individuality made this style interesting and aesthetic. How do you become one of the emo? Let’s analyze the main canons of the style.

Canon one: hair and makeup

The best way is to cut your hair short and dye your hair black. At the same time, there must be a bang – long and asymmetrical, covering one eye and reaching the chin. The nape is cropped short, with hair sticking out in different directions. You can keep your hair long, but bangs are still needed. You can dye colored strands, or dye your entire head – pink hair is especially welcome.

Usually girls do pink hair, while guys prefer black or other colors. Also, girls often decorate their hair with black and checkered ribbons, hairpins in the form of pink hearts, bows and flowers, and wear berets. Also popular hairstyles for emo girls are children’s high ponytails on both sides. Remember – hair shouldn’t be soft, but it should be straight! Therefore, sticking out sharp strands is the best hairstyle. The larger the volume of the hair, the more it should stick out.

Makeup is used by all emo kids regardless of gender. This is necessarily a black eyeliner, for an emo girl – pink lip gloss or lipstick with sparkles. Rhinestones, shiny hearts, transparent silicone tear drops can be glued near the eyes and on the cheeks.

Canon two: clothes and shoes

Emo clothing, like Goths, is dominated by black, but it is complemented by many other bright colors, especially pink. An emo wardrobe staple is a tight black T-shirt and skinny black tube jeans. Ideally, all clothing should be tight-fitting. The T-shirt can be complemented with a print of your favorite band or a heart, stripe or check pattern. The tight, bright shirts that all emo kids wear will also work.

Tight tops and leggings with a short skirt instead of jeans are popular with emo girls. It is best to wear black or brightly colored sneakers, trainers and any other convertible or alternative “low” shoes on your feet.

How to become emo?
How to become emo?

Canon three: bags and accessories

Emo kid bags look like military tablets or courier bags, black, painted with a white corrector, with emo stickers and pins. T-shirts are also decorated with pins, the more pins, the cooler. You can wear a black, blue or pink backpack, decorated with plaid ribbons and stickers. Also very popular are emo badges that cling to clothes, shoes, and bags.

The outfit of an emo girl must be complemented by a black belt with spikes and a headdress in the form of a beret, hat or cool cap. The headdress may not be combined with anything from the clothes, and it is even better that it be on its own, the main thing is that it is original and draws attention to itself. Emo kid costume jewelry includes spiked bracelets and large plastic beads, skull-shaped necklaces, piercings and tattoos – anything that can emphasize your insolence and emotionality.

Emo are very fond of glasses, ordinary corrective glasses or sun glasses. But glasses can only be large or very large, half-face. Emo fights sometimes wear aviation goggles – that’s cool too. Fingerless gloves will also complement your true emo look. Nails are painted with all emo kids, black or silver, with sparkles, hearts and roses.

Canon four: music and lifestyle

Chat with like-minded people, meet the same emo, attend emo parties and concerts of emo groups. Emo differ in that they do not listen to generally recognized musical groups. Each party has its own favorites and idols. The main feature of emo music is its high emotionality, deeply personal character, which is expressed in performance: emo-style vocalists can cry, scream, moan and whisper about their feelings and experiences.

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Fans also react emotionally. Audiences crying and jumping at concerts are the norm. Rock became the basis of emo style in music, only more melodic and lyrical. With great pleasure emo listens to underground and indie rock. Today, the most prominent representatives of the mainstream emo are A Static Lullaby, Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, Across Five Aprils, Alexisonfire, Dead And Divine, A Day to Remember, Mozart Season.

The behavior of emo kid also differs from the usual behavior of adolescents. This is manifested in greater frankness and demonstration of feelings – for example, on social networks, it is customary to add as many friends as possible, often change status, indicate your mood, share news and plans, post many unusual photos.

How to become emo?
How to become emo?

Photos should be taken non-standard – for example, one eye, legs photographed from above, or the sun through your fingers. Never look into the camera, stick out your tongue or make a face. Process the photo creatively, creativity in emo is generally very welcome! Also post photos from all the concerts you attend – let everyone know about your passion for music.

Emo ignores grammar, so texts are written with double, triple letters, do not use spaces between words and punctuation marks in sentences. Rules are not for emo! Abbreviations, funny words and special slang are also characteristic of emo communication. They decorate their emo messages with an insane amount of emoticons. Also, emo love funny and cute nicknames that replace names.

Probably, not everyone will like you in the image of emo. But, nevertheless, emo are invariably friendly, never rude or angry with others. Learn to ignore snide remarks too. Remember, you are sensitive, introspective, brooding and quiet. And you believe in Big Love!

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