The main figures of the 2000 emo scene

The main figures of the 2000 emo scene
The main figures of the 2000 emo scene

Emo is a rather confusing and controversial genre. Quite recognizable, but not so distinctive. Formed as a term in the mid-1980s, “emo” was the name given to bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace.

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In the 90s “emo” began to merge with indie rock, forming a small army of prominent representatives: Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc.

But the main flourishing of the genre is rightfully considered the mid-2000s, when the term “emo” began to call both sensual acoustics and screamo with post-hardcore.

Gerard Way

My chemical romance

Always with a pale face and tinted eyes, always tidy Gerard Way was definitely a hero of his time. With the release of the concept album The Black Parade in 2006, My Chemical Romance has become a real cult. Gerard has repeatedly said that he does not like emo music, but at the same time he has never been against such a classification of his group. In 2013, My Chemical Romance announced their disbandment. Way began to spend more time with his family, and then decided to closely pursue a solo career. In September 2014 Gerard Way released his debut album Hesitant Alien.

Geoff Rickley


Thursday is arguably the most open-minded emo / post-hardcore band out there, not shy about the outspoken political views of their vocalist Joff Rikli. In one of his interviews, Rikli said that his texts were strongly influenced by such authors and poets as Denis Johnson, Martin Amis, Roberto Bolaño and David Foster Wallace. In 2009, Rikli founded his own label Collect Records, and two years later he disbanded Thursday. Joff is currently the vocalist for No Devotion, a band formed by the members of Lostprophets following the famous Ian Watkins incident.

Adam Lazzara

Taking back sunday

Incredibly charismatic Adam Lazzara, along with Taking Back Sunday, was one of the top spots on the list of the most popular emo teams of the 2000s. Their debut album Tell All Your Friends, released in 2002, has become a true classic. Despite the constant castling in the squad, Lazzara has always been its leader. In 2011, Taking Back Sunday reunited with gold. And last spring, the band released an amazing album Happiness Is, which debuted at # 10 on the Billboard Top 200. By the way, not so long ago, Lazzara recorded a solo track “Because It Works”, released on the split-EP Our Voices along with songs by Anthony Reiner (Bayside ), Chris Conley (Saves The Day) and Vinnie Keyruana (I Am The Avalanche).

Chris Carrabba

Dashboard Confessional

Chris Carrabba may well be responsible for a whole generation of teens who love emotional acoustic rock. A short guy with deep feelings before the formation of Dashboard Confessional, he was the frontman of Further Seems Forever (and is still listed there). But it was with Dashboard Confessional that the whole world learned about the incredibly talented American songwriter. After releasing three ingenious first records and recording “Vindicated” for the soundtrack to “Spider-Man 2,” Dashboard Confessional began its mediocre routine. In 2011, Karrabba simultaneously created a new indie folk project Twin Forks, and three years later released his debut album with it.

Matthew Pryor

The get up kids

With his work, Matt Pryor greatly popularized the American town of Lawrence (Kansas), which can be safely put on the rock map (if such exists). The Get Up Kids was formed in 1995 and ten years later became one of the “founders” of the scene. Starting with emotional pop punk, by 2002 the band had developed into a more polished (but still true) indie rock. Disbanding in 2005, The Get Up Kids get back together after three years. Pryor is also still active with his side projects Reggie And The Full Effect and The New Amsterdams.

Sonny Moore

From first to last

If we were to go back to 2005 and hold an open vote there on the topic “which of the representatives of the emo scene claims to be the world rock star,” then one of the winners would definitely be Sonny Moore. Initially, Moore came to From First To Last as a guitarist, but the rest of the members decided that the role of a vocalist would be much closer to him. In 2007, Moore started having problems with his voice and left the group. A year later, the musician began performing under the pseudonym Skrillex. But that’s a completely different story …

Tyson Ritter

The All-American Rejects

Americans The All-American Rejects became famous for their catchy single “Swing, Swing” and the cute looks of frontman Tyson Ritter. After that, the group released three more excellent records, and Ritter himself began to master the career of a film actor, appearing in the films “The Boys Like It”, “Miss You Already” and the TV series “Beta”. In 2013, Tyson Ritter married Georgian actress Elena Satina.

Jayssie Lacey

Brand New

One of the most talented and non-public figures in the emo scene of the mid-2000s, Jayssie Lacey rose to fame immediately after the release of Brand New’s debut album “Your Favorite Weapon”, released in 2001. Two years later, the successful Deja Entendu followed with the hit “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”. And then Lacy plunged into darker creativity. By the way, did you know that Jayssie Lacy played bass on Taking Back Sunday for a while?

Pete Wentz

fall out Boy

Once upon a time, Fall Out Boy were not yet mainstream and played very good pop punk with the prefix “emo”. Despite the fact that the band’s vocalist is Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz has always been the main figure in Fall Out Boy. In addition to the band, Pete also owns merchandise distribution company Clandestine Industries and Decaydance Records. Now the musician is dating Megan Camper. Not so long ago, the couple had a son.

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Chris Conley

Saves the day

On the east coast of the United States, the emo scene begins and ends with the cult band Saves The Day, of which Chris Conley is the only permanent member. Optimistic college rock is still the band’s signature theme. In 2009, Conley and Max Bemis of Say Anything recorded a joint album titled Two Tongues. As for Saves The Day, the last album of the same name was released in autumn 2012.

Davey Havok


Despite the fact that AFI was formed exactly 10 years earlier than My Chemical Romance, the group gained popularity in the 2000s. Beginning with hardcore punk, by 2006 the band had gone into gothic punk. AFI is still operating: in 2013, the musicians presented their ninth disc entitled Burials. And in 2011, the ardent stretchager Havok even played one of the roles in the Broadway musical “American Idiot”, which was written by the musicians Green Day.

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