Tragic image. How to create emo makeup

Tragic image. How to create emo makeup
Tragic image. How to create emo makeup

This article will show you how to easily create a tragic emo makeup and what kind of cosmetics you need for this.

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Tonal basis

An even and light tone is one of the main components of proper emo makeup. Therefore, you cannot do without foundation. Its shade should not be as light as that of the ready. Stop your choice on a tone that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin, but nothing more. if you have poor skin, get a tone on tone foundation.


To create an emo-style look, makeup artists recommend using light shades of powder.

Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 2
Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 2


Use a gentle, light blush. A pale pink shade is perfect.


The traditional shade for emo makeup is black, but nothing prevents you from using other rich colors, such as brown, purple, green, red, crimson or pink. Eye shadow should be applied not only to the upper but also to the lower eyelids. Light tones are applied to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow to “lighten” rich makeup.

There are many techniques for doing emo makeup. As a rule, one of the dark shades of shadows is taken as a basis, however, you can combine several tones at once. For example, apply green, purple or pink shadows above the base shadows. The border between the tones should be carefully shaded with a brush or cotton swab.


If you look at examples of emo makeup in a photo or video, then make sure that it always implies a bold wide arrow around the eyes. Eyeliner can be done with liquid eyeliner or black pencil. You can also use dark shadows to draw arrows. A brighter line will turn out if you moisten the brush beforehand.

Usually, the upper eyelids are painted over with black eyeliner, and the lower ones with a pencil. However, the arrows can not only be black, you can use dark blue and dark brown shades.

Only two arrow shades are used at a time. For example, line the upper eyelid with black eyeliner, and draw a pink line on top.

Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 3
Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 3


Eyelashes in emo makeup are thick and fluffy. The missing volume can be filled up with false eyelashes, or you can apply shadows on the eyelashes, and then paint over them with voluminous mascara in two layers.


The emo style does not imply brown, burgundy or red lipstick tones. These colors are used to create a gothic look.

Since emo loves shiny makeup, add glitter to the inner and outer corner of the eye.

As a rule, emo combine their makeup with strands of hair dyed in bright colors. Therefore, a real emo look can be obtained by combining makeup and hair.

Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 4
Tragic image. How to create emo makeup 4

The emo image is created not only by girls, but also by guys.

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