Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Today in the world there are a sufficient number of different subcultures. Each of them lives “according to its own rules”, adheres to a certain style of dress, adheres to almost the same makeup, and sometimes even their behavior does not differ much from each other. It is very interesting to trace certain trends in the appearance of each of the subcultures.

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Clothes, makeup or hairstyles … From them you can understand what kind of ideology this or that subculture contains. Someone really likes to stand out and highlight an aggressive trait of their character, someone loves to look very cute and even with their appearance draws the attention of others to their infantilism, and someone is self-contained and outwardly tries not to attract special attention to their person. In this article, we are going to tell you about emo hairstyles. Here we will provide an overview of the most popular hairstyles, their main elements, tell you about the technique for performing such hairstyles, and also show photos of some emo images with their hairstyles.

Wearing bangs in hair

Bangs are almost the most important element in all emo hairstyles. Both for men and women. Probably, this fact is somehow connected with the very attitude of this subculture. Emo are melancholic and depressive, they like to be “in themselves”. Therefore, long hair, sometimes even hiding most of the emo face, is to some extent a separator of the representative of this subculture and the outside world. You can hardly ever see an emo boy or emo girl without bangs. On the other hand, there is a tendency that the format of this very bang has begun to differ. No wonder, because all people love variety. Especially those who publicly refer themselves to one or another subculture. So, let’s move on to an analysis of the types of bangs in emo hairstyles.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Torn bangs to the nose

This is perhaps the most classic bang in any emo hairstyle. It is found in both boys and girls. Long bangs, in the literal sense of the word, hide half of the emo kid’s face (as in the subculture, its representatives themselves are collectively called). It is quite thick, in principle, like all other bangs in emo hairstyles. Quite often, its ends are dyed in a poisonous bright non-standard hair color (purple, blue, pink).

Long side bangs

Already less classic bangs, but more comfortable to wear. After all, thanks to such a bang, the emo kid has a great opportunity to look at the world with two eyes. The ends of such a bang can be more thinned with filler scissors, or, on the contrary, as well as in a torn bang to the nose, they can be very thick.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Thick bangs just below the eyebrows

This is probably the most comfortable option for an emo bang. It is not very long when compared with all the previous ones. Hair, according to the classics of the genre, should be thick. Bangs are common in most emo hairstyles for guys. Despite the fact that the bangs are very inferior in length to all the others, they can also traditionally be combed to one side, because straight bangs in the emo culture are most likely an exception and deviation from a kind of norm. Therefore, almost always any bangs are combed a little to one side, or at least its tips should “look” in the other direction.

“Hedgehog” in the hair

Another important element in the emo look. True, a hedgehog can not be seen as often as a long thick bangs. A hedgehog refers to standing strands of hair at the crown of the head. They are cut shorter than the entire bulk of the hair in order to make it easier to style them. But, nevertheless, it still remains a rather laborious process of creating a hairstyle. In addition, it is also costly, since it takes quite a lot of hairspray and mousse. They create such a hedgehog in the same way as famous punks make their mohawks. A styling agent is applied to the hair (most often, it is a hairspray with a high fixation point), and then it is immediately fixed using a hair dryer or a straight iron-styler. The first styling may not look very neat at first. But everything has its time.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Short hairstyles

Very short emo haircuts are mostly common only among guys, but they are rarely seen. Still, emo kids, both girls and guys, prefer medium length hair or even long hair. Short emo hairstyles for guys are very easy to clean and style. They can also be made very simply at home. In these hairstyles, a fairly simple straight edging. The optimal length for a man’s emo haircut is to the bottom of the ear. Now let’s move on to the technique of creating such a hairstyle.

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Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

How to create a short haircut yourself?

In fact, this is not difficult. As with other hairstyles. Take a look at the emo hairstyle photo. Almost all of them are characterized by slight negligence and you can achieve this effect yourself, without even visiting a hairdresser or hair styler. The hair clipper can be used to achieve the desired length of the main hairstyle. With the help of scissors and the same typewriter, we make the edging. Most likely, in order not to screw up the occipital region of the head, you will have to resort to someone else’s help. Perhaps this is just one of the downsides of creating such a rather light emo hairstyle for guys.

The main thing is not to cut or shorten your bangs too much. As we said earlier, bangs in emo culture are the main element of every hairstyle. Therefore, you should not completely shorten it, or even more so cut it off with a machine. It can only be trimmed with ordinary hairdressing scissors. The best option would be to make a slightly oblique bang, even if yours is not quite long. Once you’ve reached a suitable length, take your filler scissors and thin the ends of your bangs well. Keep in mind that after such a procedure, it may become visually shorter, as the hair at its ends will become much smaller. Use mousse or hair foam to style the bangs in the desired and more acceptable position for you. That’s all, the male emo hairstyle is ready.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Medium length hairstyle

What are the characteristics of emo haircuts for medium hair? Hard to tell. Something they remotely resemble a woman’s haircut cascade with a ladder. Since creating such a hairstyle is a rather complicated process, it is best not to experiment with this at home on your own, but to seek help from a professional master. Often in these hairstyles, guys may be advised to leave sideburns. With her, the same “hedgehog” on the top of the head, which was mentioned in the article earlier, looks pretty good.

In this version, hairstyles are most often used precisely with thick long oblique bangs. Even the use of hairpins is allowed. As for the guys, rarely do any of them decide to grow their hair longer than average, because in this case, an emo boy can easily be confused with an emo girl. All due to the fact that in their subculture there is a clear contempt for machismo and it cannot be said that guys generally strive to look masculine.

When it comes to styling your hair, it’s best to simply blow-dry your hair. And also to straighten the hair (more specifically, the ends of the hair) with a hair styler. Then the haircut will look more torn and a kind of “prickly” than just dried hair after shampooing.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Hair coloring in emo hairstyles

The most common hair color in emo culture is pitch black. Although today, among its representatives, you can see emo-kids with completely different color strands. But now we will only talk about the classic versions of the image. Black thick hair is a classic in emo looks. There is a variant of hair coloring with different colored strands. Basically, only the ends of the hair are colored. Poisonous pink, bright blue or dirty blue, purple or dark lilac. In harmony with black, this combination looks quite impressive. Among girls, the practice of wearing plug-in colored strands is common. Sometimes you can dye your bangs with a strip. The wildest emo kid can dye some of their hair white or dark red. It is not uncommon to see latent coloration among both guys and girls. Bright colors such as light blue or green are used much less frequently than the others listed in this article. Emo girls often add bright heart-shaped hairpins to their hairstyles.

Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo
Emo hairstyles: an overview of popular hairstyles, technique, photo

Now you know a lot more about female and male emo hairstyles, techniques for performing them, styling them, and hair coloring. It is still desirable to make a haircut in a hairdressing salon, and dyeing your hair or styling it according to your mood is not difficult at all with your own hands.

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