Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls

 Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls

A trash hairstyle attracts a large number of young people because it is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Many guys and girls go to the salon to create an unusual image for themselves. But not everyone knows what types of emo haircuts exist. Before a radical change in the image, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the trends of this style.

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Characteristic features of trash hairstyles (with photo)

Emo hairstyles play a direct role in creating the trash style that has won the hearts of a large number of girls and guys. People who choose such an image are distinguished by emotionality and increased sensitivity to the surrounding reality. Of course, this is reflected in the hairstyles. Representatives of emo culture know how to correctly emphasize the zest of the image. It can be a few strands of pink on curls or a torn haircut with elongated bangs.

Self-expression is the main goal of trash hairstyles. That is why the characteristic features of this image are: a careless haircut, interesting colors and unusual hair accessories.

 Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 2
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 2

Emo hairstyle is suitable not only for representatives of the corresponding subculture. The trash style is often wanted by ordinary people who want to change something in their image. There are no clear recommendations regarding the type of hair and face, with the help of which one could choose a similar hairstyle. The thing is that the haircut and color can be very different, so a trash-style image can theoretically suit any person. The only thing is that on young people such a hairstyle will look more harmonious, since this age is ideal for experimenting with appearance.


  1. Bang. This is an essential attribute of a trash hairstyle. Usually it is made very thick. In addition, they try to create the effect of torn hair using different lengths of strands. The length of the bangs can vary depending on individual wishes.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 3
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 3

Black hair color

  1. Black hair color. This trend is the leading one. Other colors are allowed today, but jet black was originally a sign that a person considers himself emo culture.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 4
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 4

Bright colors

  1. Bright colors. When black is no longer pleasing to the eye, bright colors can come to the rescue. These are mainly shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow and red. The color is applied either in strips, or they completely paint half of the strands with it. The use of bright colors in the hairstyle sets emo apart from other subcultures.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 5
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 5

Lack of symmetry in the haircut

  1. Lack of symmetry in the haircut. The emo culture doesn’t like boring standard haircuts. They prefer strands of different lengths, elongated beveled bangs and other interesting solutions. It is worth noting that coloring is often performed so that the color is unevenly distributed over the curls. Asymmetry is one of the main trends in emo kid hairstyles.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 6
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 6


  1. Accessories. This mostly applies to girls. Representatives of emo culture often adorn their hair with bows, a headband or unusual hairpins. All this is usually pink in color.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 7
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 7

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A peculiar haircut

  1. A peculiar haircut. More often than not, in the emo culture, the front strands of hair are thicker and longer than the back strands. This is one of the main hallmarks of a trash hairstyle.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 8
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 8

Features of creating a trash haircut

In the trash style, there are certain nuances for each hair length. Before changing your hairstyle, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

For long hair

A distinctive feature of emo hairstyles for long hair is an unusual haircut. The strands at the crown are always shorter than those at the front. In the process of cutting, you can forget about straight, neat lines. The more chaotic the strands look like, the better. Long slanting bangs are the perfect complement to your look. This hairstyle is classic. There are no other trash-style haircuts for long hair, but you can play with color and accessories. In addition, for each person, the master selects an individual hairstyle, in which the length of the strands and the shape of the haircut may differ slightly from the classic variation.

Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 9
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 9

For medium length hair

Unlike long hair, medium length allows you to bring the most unusual emo hairstyles to life. The features of the haircut remain the same: torn strands, asymmetry and long oblique bangs. Further actions depend on the wishes of the client and the fantasy of the master. For example, you can make an asymmetrical bangs. This means that the strands will be shorter on one half of the forehead, and much longer on the other. In addition, you can cut the hair short at the back of your head and leave long curls in the front. Such variations look especially harmonious on medium length hair.

Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 10
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 10

For short hair

Asymmetry, large puffs and a wide color palette are the main features of short emo haircuts. A characteristic feature of the hairstyle is imitation of sideburns. This effect is achieved by shortening the strands on the back of the head, while the curls at the temples remain long. For short hair, there are separate recommendations for the image to look as harmonious as possible.

Basic rules for short emo haircuts:

  • you can use both long and ultra-short bangs;
  • preference should be given to multilevel strands, as this will give additional volume to short hair;
  • contrasting colors in coloring are welcome;
  • do not be afraid of filing, the more asymmetrical strands, the better;
  • to make the hairstyle as “sharp” as possible, you can use a strong brush on the back of the head.

The advantage of short hair is that there are more options for hairstyle. Even if the haircut itself turned out to be not very successful, good styling and playing with color can easily correct the situation. In addition, you can always get a pixie cut and drop the long, oblique bangs over your face, which will look very advantageous. Another option for a short haircut is a mohawk style. If only the long strands are combed up, then the image will be in the emo style, not punk.

Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 11
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 11

Hairstyle with shaved areas

Shaved areas look great on both short and long emo haircuts. Here it should be borne in mind that this is a very bold step, so you need to carefully study all the options for such an image.

Options for shaved areas for a trash haircut:

  • the classic version is a slightly shaved temple, which looks especially good on short emo haircuts;
  • you can shave both temples at once, then the hair can be styled on one side or up;
  • if you shave a large space at the temple, then you can make interesting patterns on it with a typewriter, or even paint this area;
  • especially brave representatives of emo culture shave half their heads at once, in this case, flecks on one side and staining on the shaved area will look spectacular.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 12
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 12

Styling emo hairstyles

Basically, any emo hairstyle is styled using the classic method. Short hair on the top of the head is combed heavily to add volume to the hairstyle. Long strands, on the other hand, are smoothed out with an iron. Due to the strong contrast of volume and “sleekness” the hairstyle looks quite unusual. This styling is suitable for any hair length. Be sure to use a strong hold nail polish to keep the hairstyle lasting longer.

Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 13
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 13

There are also unusual styling methods. For example, a mohawk looks great on medium-length hair. Wash or wet your hair first. Now you need to separate about a third of the hair from the bulk. Use a strong hold gel and tilt your head forward. Take a hair dryer and blow dry your hair in a counter-growing direction until you achieve the desired result. This style is best suited for haircuts with short temples.

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Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 14
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 14

Asymmetrical hairstyle has its own styling features. If the hair is very short on one side of the head and is of medium length on the other, then the “comb” will do just fine. It is necessary to comb the strands from the top of the head forward, and then use a strong hold varnish.

How to make your own emo hairstyle at home

The ideal option for changing your image would be a visit to a beauty salon. But especially brave young people often decide to make their own haircut, so you need to know all the nuances of this process.

For girls

  1. Part your hair with a horizontal parting in the middle of your head.
  2. Gather the bottom of the strands into a ponytail.
  3. Cut the top so that it is flush with the tail.
  4. Treat the strands as you like. Forget about straight lines and a neat study of each curl.
  5. Cut a small number of strands on the crown so that their length does not exceed seven centimeters.
  6. Coloring – at your request. Emo haircuts look good on girls, even if there is no bright hair color.
  7. At the end of the haircut, make a strong fleece in the area of ​​the crown, and straighten the rest of the strands with an iron.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 15
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 15

For guys

  1. Grow your hair just enough to cover the top of your nose with the front strands.
  2. Gather your facial hair in a high ponytail.
  3. Try to cut the back strands so that their length does not exceed 4-5 centimeters.
  4. Use scissors to scissor your front locks in a chaotic manner. Do not be afraid to make your haircut too torn, as this is exactly the effect you want. Just cut the strands, leaving one perfectly straight, and cutting off the other obliquely, and so on.
  5. Dyeing black is a must. This is an essential attribute of emo fighting.
  6. Style your hair with an iron or hairdryer so that the strands are perfectly straight at the face and slightly tousled at the back of the head. This effect can be achieved by lightly brushing the desired area.
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 16
Features of emo hairstyles for guys and girls 16

Despite the fact that the fashion for such haircuts has slowed down a little, many teenagers are actively interested in such transformations. There are many different options for a trash hairstyle. The main thing is to choose your own ideal image. It is recommended that you consult with your hairdresser before changing your style, and also explore all kinds of haircut variations.

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