How to do an emo hairstyle

The emo style is characterized not only by special emotionality and sensitivity, but also by stylish gorgeous hairstyles. At first glance, it may seem that this kind of hairstyle and styling can only be done in a fashionable and expensive salon, but in fact, you can make an emo hairstyle stylishly and beautifully yourself.

How to do an emo hairstyle
How to do an emo hairstyle

To do this, you need to be patient, and also follow the following instructions:

1. First of all, you need to make sure that your hair looks flawless. To do this, you need to pay special attention to hair care, taking vitamins, as well as additional products that stimulate hair growth, since in order to most make emo hairstyle, need long, smooth and shiny hair.

2. Further, in order to style your hair, you need to make it perfect straight… Typically, specialized irons are used for this. for hair, or a hair dryer in conjunction with a comb. To straighten it, apply a styling product to wet hair, fix the strand with a comb, pull it back and dry it thoroughly with a hairdryer. Straightening with a hair dryer is long-lasting, but more gentle than straightening hair in a hairdressing salon.

3. Next comes the turn of the most difficult stage – haircuts. In general, haircut in style emo is quite simple, but it is still more convenient for someone to perform it, since it is difficult for itself to perform it smoothly and accurately. The hair should be at least to the middle of the nose. It is necessary to cut pre-moistened hair in layers. The movement of the scissors must be directed from the back of the head to the chin, this is the only way to make the correct asymmetry. It is important that in each layer of the hairstyle there are additional long strands, which, with further styling, will give the hairstyle a special charm. The hairstyle must have at least 5 layers.

4. An emo hairstyle is not only a special haircut, but also a special hair color, so after a haircut it is necessary to start coloring. Optimal shades for emo are “dark chocolate”, or “dark chestnut”, black looks too rough and uninteresting, so it is better not to use this shade. Next, you need to do the styling. Typically, in emo style, the hair on the back of the head should be haphazardly styled, while the bangs should be perfectly smooth and straight. After you have managed to style your hair beautifully, you need to fix the hairstyle with a strong hold varnish.

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