How to do an emo hairstyle without going to extremes

Emo hairstyles are suitable for work, school or conferences. This article is for people who don’t want to go to extremes, but still want to get their emo hairstyle. Here you can find all the main types of hairstyles for this style, as well as a guide on how to get them right.

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1 Choose what you want to change.

Even if you don’t completely stick to the emo style, there are 2 things that all emo should have – bangs and a layered haircut.

  • Bangs: Should be below the eyebrows. This does not mean that it should be below your nose, but it should not be too short. Some prefer straight bangs, while others choose oblique bangs so that they cover one eye. When talking to a hairdresser about emo bangs, use the following words: layers, straight or oblique bangs, below the eyebrows, covering one eye.
  • Layers: This is more important for girls than for guys. The number of layers determines how “emo” you are and how committed you are to that style. They also go very well with bangs. Ask for many layers that are short enough so that you can make spikes out of your hair, but not so short that you look like a porcupine on a bad day.

2 Choose your hairstyle.

You can get different types of emo hairstyles:

  • Girls (short hair): For most girls who prefer short hair, a haircut usually involves shaving the back of the head so that the hair is much longer in the front than in the back.
  • Girls (Medium Hair Length): This is the most common hair type for girls. Usually it is straight hair, shoulder length, very layered at the top and less at the bottom. For a more “SPECTACLE” look, brush up and secure it with hairspray, and the hair at the base of your head should just hang straight down. The bangs should be either straight or oblique.
  • Girls (long hair): same as for girls with medium long hair, except that the length of the hair should not be higher than the level of the chest or lower back
  • Guys (short hair): Basically, it works the same as for girls with short hair. You also need to trim the hair at the back so that the hair in front is much longer. Even if you want torn hair in front, you can’t.
  • Guys (medium hair length): You also need to shave the hair in the back, but this time you don’t have to make the hair stick out. Typically, guys with medium length hair prefer long, straight hair in the front with most of the bangs tucked in to one side, covering one eye.

3 Decide what kind of ‘styling’ you want.

Styling: This hairstyle is quite difficult to maintain. If you’ve already trimmed your hair, it won’t be as easy to style. You will need some good hair cosmetics (see Things You Will Need). If you decide to do this, then it’s time to “experiment”. But for those stuck, here are some guidelines:

  • There is one rule for emo haircuts (this mostly applies to girls, but can also apply to guys): big top, straight bottom. Basically, this means that you have to comb the hair at the top of the head, straighten the ends. Consider contrast.
  • Bangs: It all depends on which style you choose. If you have oblique bangs, then you’d better straighten it out. If you have straight bangs, then your preferences play a role here (you can get a long spike from your hair, so don’t overdo it).
  • For guys and girls with short hair: If you really can’t decide, just run your hand up through the back of your hair so it looks messy. From here styling from here and align a few strands.
  • For girls with medium to long hair: If you are impatient (like me), just grab the bottom half of your hair in a fist and tousle the rest of your hair. This way the bottom half remains straight.

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4 To have an interesting look, you can color a few strands.

Only if you decide to do this, then first consult with your parents, and also find out if the rules in your school allow hair coloring. Make sure the new color complements your natural color, or it won’t look very pretty. If your parents won’t let you dye, then you can buy fake hair strands; if you cannot find a suitable color, then take natural hair, dye it in the desired color and cut it to a suitable length.


  • If you want side bangs for yourself, then ask for a side parting (this is very important!)
  • If you are an avid straightener, then you need some kind of heat protectant to retain moisture while straightening, otherwise your hair will become very dry, difficult to style, and look unnatural.
  • Straightening is also an option. Straight hair is more suitable for emo hairstyles and is also easier to comb. Only constant straightening can ruin your hair. If your hair is naturally straight, then you shouldn’t straighten it or you can trim a few strands. But if your hair is curly then you need to straighten it.
  • Staining is an option, but not necessary. If you have black, dark brown, or red hair, then you don’t need to dye it. But if you have a lighter hair color, such as light brown or blond, then you might consider dyeing the same color a few shades darker. If you are blonde, you can dye the main strands. Or if you have blonde hair you can try dyeing the ends of your hair black … just tips though … you can also try adding random bright color stripes in different places – pink, green, blue, purple, etc. …


  • The same goes for hair care products. Do not overdo it.
  • Don’t straighten your hair too often. It can really destroy him.
  • Even with this hairstyle, you cannot immediately become emo. If you have a very neat style then you have to change it. Start wearing dark clothes, listening to new bands (emo or punk), and maybe even making new friends. (If you want to change your life).

What do you need

  • Hair Clay (Gatsby, Bedhead or OSIS)
  • Hair gel (Sebastian’s Wet Look works well)
  • Hair straightener (optional)
  • Dye (also optional, but if you want a vibrant color, you can dye your hair with temporary dye).
  • Fingers (for hair styling)
  • Conditioner or hair ointment if you damage it.
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