How to make an emo hairstyle for a guy

Emo is a trend in youth culture based on various emotions. Lyrical and expressive music and unusual style serve as its expression. It has become quite popular in recent years. If you are a passionate adherent of this style and decide to get your emo fight hairstyle, there are a few guidelines to take note of.

How to make an emo hairstyle for a guy
How to make an emo hairstyle for a guy
  • – comb;
  • – hair dye;
  • – hair styling products.

Prepare your hair for a haircut. For any particular hairstyle, the strands must be of a certain length. Emo hairstyle for boyfriend- this is no exception. If you have short hair, you will have to be patient and wait until it grows long enough to cover your face completely, or at least reach the tip of your nose.

For an emo haircut, you need the strands to be longer in the front and shorter in the back. While the hair begins to grow back to the desired length, it is recommended to constantly comb it in the right direction, that is, on the forehead, where in the future the oblique bangs will show off.

When the hair grows back, cut it. However, hardly anyone without special skills can get a good haircut himself. So head to the hairdresser with a couple of emo kid photos. Be sure to pay attention to the slanting, “torn” bangs. Try to choose a haircutter who specializes in creative youth haircuts.

Dye your hair black or dark brown. Make sure the paint is long-lasting so that the tint does not wash off the strands. Do not dye your hair blue-black, it can turn blue-purple.

You can dye some strands in orange, red, pink or another bright color, which, in contrast to black, will symbolize an explosion of emotions. If you want to dye individual strands in several shades, do not overdo it with their number to avoid the “rainbow” effect.

Style your emo hairstyle in the morning. Part the side part so that the front hair covers part of your face. This styling style not only looks impressive, but also suits most face types. In turn, lift the back of the strands up with a “hedgehog” or put in any other way that you like.

Use wax, styling mousse, gel, or hairspray for a better hold. All in all, an emo hairstyle is a kind of canvas for your imagination. Try different styling options to look stylish and amaze others. Do not be afraid to experiment with your image, the main thing is that it looks bright and unusual.

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