How to make an emo hairstyle?

Emo style is a special kind of subculture, thanks to which you can significantly stand out from the crowd.

Today emo style is very popular among young people, it involves a combination of dark (black) color with bright colors.

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The classic version is black and pink tones. The main attributes of the emo style include specific icons that are located on portfolios and clothes, as well as leather bracelets, metal rings and earrings of various colors.

Emo makeup

Emo makeup also has specific features, while it is appropriate in the male performance. Typically, this is a solid color eyeliner that is applied in a small contour and looks neat. But the lips can be left in neutral colors.

Hairstyles occupy a special place in emo culture. As a matter of fact, the hairstyle shapes our style, despite the accessories.

It’s very easy to create an emo hairstyle, the main thing is to tune in to a creative touch.

Emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyles presented by original haircuts in the style of a cascade. At the same time, stylists recommend creating strands with ragged ends. Asymmetry is no less popular. Emo hairstyle based on cascade haircut is the simplest and easiest option for styling. How to make an emo hairstyle?

How to make an emo hairstyle?
How to make an emo hairstyle?

First, wash your hair and straighten it with an iron. We put the bangs on one side, and it is better to immediately use asymmetric strands. After the initial styling is done, move on to the back of the head.

Separate the strand at the back of the head and do the bouffant. We carry out the same procedure on other strands in the back of the head in order to visually lift the hair. After the bouffant is done, we fix the strands with a fixing spray.

How to make an emo hairstyle? 2
How to make an emo hairstyle? 2

Blow dry and comb lightly on top to create smooth strands, but not too much. Now that the occipital region has visually become higher, we make a small bouffant on the side strands. The next step is to fix the hairstyle with hairspray. Done!

To make your hairstyle look even more stylish, use an original hair hoop. It will perfectly complement your emo hairstyle and will become the main accessory of your look. At the same time, remember that bright hoops are more suitable for dark hair, but black ones for blondes.

How to make an emo hairstyle? 3
How to make an emo hairstyle? 3

Emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyles very diverse, but the main attributes are still asymmetry and long bangs. You can create any hairstyle in the emo style with the help of a small fleece, as well as torn strands. Also remember that bright hair accessories are in fashion. These can be small hairpins that are fashionable to wear on bangs or stylish hoops.

Actual in the new season and coloring. However, instead of green and red strands, stylists recommend using purple and yellow. By the way, about that!

If you want to make the image brighter and more beautiful, use toning agents for hair. These are usually shampoos, conditioners and masks that allow you to dye your hair in any shade without harming it. What’s the secret?

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Tinting paints do not contain active substances such as ammonia. In fact, toning implies enveloping the hair, due to which a particular shade is achieved. Today it is very popular to mix several bright shades at once. Often, emo girls prefer to create a whole rainbow of colors on their hair. The most popular shades of this season are pink, burgundy, blue, turquoise and green.

In fact, an experienced colorist will help you achieve a beautiful hair coloring effect. If you want to completely color your hair, contact a specialist.

Another fashion trend this year is coloring on the ends of the hair. This technique of dyeing the strands allows you to make the image brighter and more expressive. Well, you can choose the color at your discretion, and remember, you can always cut the ends of your hair if you get tired of the hairstyle!

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